There may be times when you feel that you are being bugged, whether that be in your home or business, even on your mobile phone. 
If you have information that could increase another persons wealth, or you have information that can be used against you, this makes you a potential target. 
Some of the warning signs are: 
1. Other people seem to know about your confidential business. 
2. Sounds are coming from your phone when you put the receiver down. 
3. There seems to be interference on the Radio or TV sets. 
4. Your car radio starts going weird. 
5. You have been the victim of a break-in but nothing was taken. 
6. You have recently had people in your office or house that now looking back, seems a bit odd  
7. Your competitors, without reason, appear to be one step ahead of you . 
8. You have been beaten on Tenders placed for Contracts. 
9. Your mobile devices are very slow and the battery runs out very quickly.  
10. People knowing your movements. 
*Finally your intuition 
When contacting a Specialist Company that locates bugging devices (TCSM), do not call from the mobile phone, or the area which you think may have electronic equipment installed. 
To enquire about having your house, car or premises swept, please contact us on: 07921922001 
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